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Perform professional magic with your iPhone and iPad.

Magic Kit is a unique collection of 16 professional magic effects designed to work exclusively with iPhone and iPad.

Each effect combines the very best illusion techniques with stunning visuals and cutting-edge app design.

Watch full performance videos in the Effects Library.

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"a cut above" - David Regal, Genii Magazine

“visually stunning” - Bruce Kalver, M-U-M

“this is another class of trick entirely” - Mel Martin, Engadget

“highly effective magic” - App Advice

Best Magic Apps of 2014 - AppFind

“The app is a GREAT tool” - Billy Jamez, iTunes US

“Best App Ever!” - marcusseth, iTunes US

“Just what you need to add to your street magic routine it kills!” - iTunes US


Learning the ingenious secrets is made easy with clear step-by-step video instructions.
You’ll learn every detail, including traditional sleight-of-hand techniques.

Multiple instructions views.


Enabling Quick Access for an effect will add a shortcut to the Magic Kit home screen.

Once enabled you can even launch an effect using Handoff right from your Apple Watch. This is a great way to plan a performance without anyone knowing.

A hero image for the Quick Access feature.


The Card Setup tool is designed to capture the faces and backs of your own deck.
Using your own deck makes the illusions even more convincing.
The app automatically adds a mask and filter to enhance the realism.

Card Setup hero image.


Magic Kit is a unique collection of professional magic effects. Each effect is carefully designed to deliver an astonishing illusion for an audience.

Here you’ll find a full list of all the effects included with Magic Kit. Choose an effect to view the instructions.

Each effect has step-by-step video instructions. Tap the play icon to watch the video.

From the instructions view there are buttons located at the top of the screen:

- ’PERFORM EFFECT’ will launch the effect.
- ‘QUICK ACCESS’ will add the effect to the main menu.

To exit an effect perform the universal back gesture; swiping from the left edge of the screen.

Enable this feature from an effects instructions view. Once enabled the effect will appear in the apps main menu. This is ideal for performance situations as it bypasses the instructions view.

This tool allows you to set custom images for the face and back designs of cards used by various effects.

There are FIVE slots for card faces and ONE for a card back.
  • Choose an empty slot to launch the card capture view.
  • Place the card you wish to capture on a flat surface in a well-lit environment.
  • Hold your device parallel with the card and use the alignment boarder to frame the image.
  • It’s important to keep your devices as level as possible.
  • Press the camera button to capture the image.
  • Use the alignment arrows for precision placement.
  • Tap ‘RETAKE’ to try again or ‘USE’ to save the image.

You can overwrite an existing card by choosing it from the list.

Effects which support custom cards will display a banner when they launch. Tap the ‘X’ to dismiss and use the default card (a Five of Diamonds) or, tap ’SET CUSTOM CARD’ to choose a card created by the ‘CARD SETUP’ tool.

This banner will appear every time you launch the effect. This behaviour is intended to allow quick repeats with a different card.

Certain effects require a custom background image. Before using this tool, exit the app and take a screenshot of your home screen. To take a screenshot press the home and lock button simultaneously.

Once you have captured a screenshot tap ‘SET BACKGROUND’, allow Magic Kit to access your camera roll, and choose the screenshot.