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"a cut above"
- David Regal

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"visually stunning"
- Bruce Kalver

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"perfect pocket trick"

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"another class of trick"
- Mel Martin


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A unique collection of professional magic tricks for iPhone and iPad.
Each effect combines the very best illusion techniques with stunning visuals.
Magic Kit contains
fourteen effects for iPhone and ten for iPad.

Download MAGIC KIT for iPhone and iPad today.
Only $19.99

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Learn how to perform each effect with
step-by-step video instructions.

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Performance Mode is a minimalist view which
lists only the effects you’ve chosen for your show.

included effects

iPhone Only

Any card is chosen from a regular deck of playing cards - it is signed.

In one fluid move the corner is torn completely free from the chosen card and it appears on your iPhones screen.

After displaying the miraculous event for a few moments, the torn piece is plucked off the screen and cleanly restored to the chosen card.

The card is handed to the spectator as a souvenir.

Additional Information
Works with red or blue back Bicycle brand playing cards.
Create the gimmick with standard magic props.
Any card can be chosen.
The card can be examined before and after the illusion.
Automatically resets.
Great angles for performance.
A card is chosen from a regular deck of playing cards, then shuffled back into the deck.

You open an app containing a virtual pencil.

As you dribble the cards onto a table you plunge the virtual pencil into the falling cards. Impaled on the virtual pencil is one playing card - the chosen card.

Additional Information
Vibrant graphics bring the magic to life.
Easy to perform.
Instantly repeatable with a different card.
Four identical cards are shown, each has a rabbit silhouette printed in its centre. As you show each card you ask your audience to do one thing - spot the difference.

When they are unable to see any difference between the cards you explain that more light might be needed.

Introducing your iPhone, you place one of the rabbit cards face-down over the screen. The light shines through revealing the rabbit silhouette.

You once again ask if the spectator can see any difference. They still can't.

With a gentle shake the rabbit begins to visibly shrink. Once complete the card is turned over and the physical card has changed. You hand it to the spectator to be examined.

Additional Information
▶︎ Easy to perform.
▶︎ Cards can be fully examined.
Your iPhones photo app contains a rare photo of an unknown escapologist.

Flicking a blank piece of paper against your devices screen causes the escapologist to jump from your device to the piece of paper.

Additional Information
▶︎ Simple sleight of hand.
▶︎ Spectator can keep the photo as a cool memento.
A virtual nail is embedded in a virtual block of wood. No matter how hard you or the spectator tries the nail cannot be freed.

With one magical gesture you are able to free the nail.

The spectators however is still unable. This is until you simply touch their hand giving them the power to flick the nail free.

Additional Information

▶︎ Undetectable secret.
▶︎ Modern twist on classic ’light-heavy’ illusion.

iPhone & iPad

A spectator makes a series of completely free choices to derive the value of a playing card.

First they choose a colour, then a suit, finally an index.

No matter what card they ultimately choose, the magic always happens - a folded card appears on the screen, you slide it off the screen, IT BECOMES REAL.

Unfolding the real card, it matches the card chosen by the spectator.

Additional Information
▶︎ Self-working.
▶︎ Works with any card.
▶︎ Resets in seconds.
▶︎ The spectator can tap any of the spots.
A golden hand reaches into a regular deck of playing cards and grabs a previously chosen card.

After you turn the deck over, the golden hand reinserts the card. Fanning through the deck reveals the chosen card is reversed.

Additional Information
▶︎ Looks impossible.
▶︎ Perfect for larger groups.
▶︎ Sleight of hand fully explained.
A spectator places any small object around your device.

Tapping the lid of a virtual compass reveals a needle which always finds the object.

Additional Information
▶︎ You or the spectator can tap anywhere on the lid.
▶︎ Instantly repeatable.
▶︎ No sound triggers.
▶︎ Ingenious method.
You hand the spectator an envelope.

A bookshelf app containing three classic books is displayed. A spectator chooses a book.

Opening the envelope the spectator sees a real page from the chosen book.

Additional Information
▶︎ Self working.
▶︎ Great before/after a book test effect.
The four Aces are removed from a deck of playing cards and mixed. A spectator turns one Ace face up.

You open a notes app on your device and show that you made a prediction. The spectator taps to reveal the prediction - it is always correct.

Additional Information
▶︎ Easy to perform.
▶︎ Great intro for Twisting the Aces.
A real matchstick is plucked from a virtual matchbox in a puff of smoke.

Additional Information
▶︎ Visually stunning.
▶︎ Great for bar/club performers.
▶︎ Minimal sleight of hand.
You show a spectator three colours and ask them to name one.

Next you ask them to imagine their chosen colour, to concentrate deeply.

While concentrating you ask them to hold their finger against a ’receiver pad’ on your device.

You explain the sheer power of concentration allows the device to receive their thoughts.

Surely enough, the Thought receiver reveals the colour the spectator is thinking about.

Additional Information
▶︎ A self-working illusion.
▶︎ Stunning visuals.
A playing card is chosen from a regular deck. Next, you remove three other random cards.

The chosen card is mixed with the three random cards.

You introduce the crystal ball app. Ask any question and you'll get a Yes or No answer.

To prove that the crystal ball works you show it each of the four cards.

Then one-by-one you place a card next to the crystal ball and ask "is this the spectators card".

Against the odds, the crystal ball will only say “Yes” when presented with the chosen playing card.

Additional Information
▶︎ Does not rely on sound cues.
▶︎ Instant reset.
▶︎ Normal cards are used.
You pop the cap off a virtual bottle - it becomes real.

Additional Information
▶︎ Great companion to the Matchstick trick.
▶︎ Easy to perform.
▶︎ Visually stunning.

iPad Only

A spectator freely arranges three symbol tokens in any order then slides down a cover.

You then place three prediction cards on the table.

One-by-one you reveal your prediction matches the spectators arrangement.

Additional Information
▶︎ Self working.
▶︎ No forces.
▶︎ Great for larger audiences.
▶︎ iPad exclusive.
What is Magic Kit?
Magic Kit is a collection of magic tricks designed to be performed for an audience.

How do the tricks work?
Each trick has a unique secret that allows the seemingly impossible illusion to happen. The secrets are explained via tutorial videos. It's important to watch the tutorials before trying to perform the tricks.

How do I exit a trick?
Simply tap the screen with three fingers.

Where can I send suggestions or ideas?
You can contact me via support[at]

What developments are planned for Magic Kit?
I have loads of tricks planned for Magic Kit. I am also constantly evolving the utility of Magic Kit with bug-fixes and user interface improvements.

If you still have questions please send them to support[at]


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